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Frequently asked

Why Lottie?
Lottie is a new industry standard for the web and mobile animations. It allows to build rich, lightweight and smooth animations with no sweat. Moreover, it's flexible animation format that works on all devices and platforms - Cross-platform solution for iOS, Android, Web.

Want to know more? Here is a good place to start to learn more:
How to prepare my design for lottie animation?
If you already have designs, please prepare the source files, they should be in a vector (for example, in Ai) or at least in svg format without embedded jpg/png images. If Plan assumes we create designs, then please provide a description for each required element, would be also helpfull if you can share some references and indicate color preferences.
What are the deliverables?
As a result, we provide you all the source materials. Animations will be transferred to you as a Lottie JSON file. If any design work is done by US, then we share with you the source Figma file as well
Do you provide illustrations or any design creation?
Yes, we do! As a design studio we can not just create animations, but all the design assets needed as well (UI elements, logo, illustrations, icons). By the way, we can also do all the design & frontend work for your product - contact us for the details.
Who owns the intellectual property rights?
All intellectual property rights for results of provided Services are alienated to the Client in full from the moment when Contractor has received full remuneration for respective Services from the Client.